Defining “MHOAC”

  • MHOAC – Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator
  • The MHOAC is the key contact for local, regional, and State agencies for reporting status and requesting resources (that are not available by normal means)
  • The MHOAC is a role, not an individual. The individual fulfilling the MHOAC role may change from time to time. Following the specified communication process will ensure you reach the MHOAC.

The MHOAC Program

California Health and Safety Code Section 1797.153
“In each operational area the county health officer and the local EMS agency administrator may act jointly as the medical health operational area coordinator (MHOAC)…. If an operational area has a MHOAC, the MHOAC in cooperation with the county office of emergency services, local public health department, the local office of environmental health, the local department of mental health, the local EMS agency, the local fire department, the regional disaster and medical health coordinator (RDMHC), and the regional office of the Office of Emergency Services, shall be responsible for ensuring the development of a medical and health disaster plan for the operational area.”

17 Functions of the MHOAC Program

  • Assessment of immediate medical needs
  • Coordination of disaster medical & health resources
  • Coordination of patient distribution & medical evaluations
  • Coordination with inpatient & emergency care providers
  • Coordination with out-of-hospital medical care providers
  • Coordination & integration with fire agencies personnel, resources & emergency fire pre-hospital medical services
  • Coordination of providers of non-fire based pre-hospital emergency medical services
  • Coordination of the establishment of temporary field treatment sites
  • Health surveillance & epidemiological analyses of community health status
  • Assurance of food safety
  • Management of exposure to hazardous agents
  • Provision of coordination of mental health services
  • Provision of medical & health public information protection action recommendations
  • Provision or coordination of vector control services
  • Assurance of drinking water safety
  • Assurance of the safe management of liquid, sold, & hazardous wastes
  • Investigation & control of communicable disease

Contacting the MHOAC

Partners are responsible for keeping the MHOAC business and after hours phone numbers on file since they are not public information and cannot be posted here. MHOAC reference cards are available at all HCSC meetings and may be requested from the Public Health Department.