Tuolumne County partners should submit a Situation Report (Sit Rep) to the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) anytime an unusual event has occurred.

Definition of Unusual Event

  • The incident significantly impacts or is anticipated to impact public health or safety
  • The incident disrupts or is anticipated to disrupt your facility’s services and/or the Public Health and Medical system
  • Resources are needed or anticipated to be needed beyond the capabilities of the Operational Area (including those resources available through existing agreements)
  • The incident produces media attention or is politically sensitive
  • The incident leads to a Regional or State request for information, OR
  • Whenever increased information flow from the Operational Area to the State will assist in the management or mitigation of the incident’s impact

Source: EOM 2011 (Emergency Operations Manual, CDPH, EMSA)

Healthcare Partners

  1. If Internet is functional: Submit Situation Report through EMResource (skip to step 2 if Internet is not functional).
  2. Call MHOAC to ensure Sit Rep was received.
  3. Follow instructions from MHOAC. Submit “update” and/or “final” Sit Reps as appropriate.

Link to LIVE EMResource site for health care agencies: https://emresource.juvare.com/login

Link to DEMO – Practice EMResource site: https://emresource.demo.juvare.com/login

Note: Each healthcare organization has one login and username, which are shared among users. Contact Nick Olson (nolson@co.tuolumne.ca.us) if you need help logging in.

Non-Healthcare Partners

  1. Call MHOAC to report unusual event.
  2. Follow instructions from MHOAC. You may be asked to submit a paper Sit Rep via fax (see below).

Paper Situation Report